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Scratch and App inventor are educational Visual Programming Environments VPE's that can be used to develop interactive programs. While Scratch was developed by Mitchel Resnick and his team at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, App Inventor was developed by Google. However, they are both being maintained by the MIT Media Lab.

The both programs are quite similar in that they both employ interactive visual editor that use a drag and drop system to write program code. However, Scratch is used to design interactive graphics, games, stories, and music videos; on the other hand, App Inventor is used to design apps for just about everything that can be done with an Android phone like storing information, performing actions, repeating actions.

These two programs are finding great appeal among many educators who see them as suitable alternatives for teaching programming to novices. This is because of the visual nature of the drag and drop system that makes it easier for novices to concentrate on first learning the logic of programming rather than being held back by such concepts as syntax. Users develop programs with the use of blocks of programming commands designed to look like and fit together like Lego bricks.